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The global childcare crisis is recognized in almost every nation of the world. In addition, the UN predicts that 1 billion women will enter the workforce over the next decade, compounding the childcare crisis exponentially. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about the problem and the solution of Momni. 

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Global Childcare Crisis Updates

Child Opium Doping & Locking Up Children

"We would give the children a small dose of opium so that they would sleep for eight to 10 hours." confessed a spokeswoman  interviewed about her dire lack of childcare.

Mothers in Nairobi Slums Find it Impossible to Work

Lack of access to childcare can make going to work impossible. "Things are bad, some people leave their children in the streets alone when they are just eight months old."

Robots Proposed for Japan Childcare Crisis!

Robots are being tested out at nurseries in Japan to plug the country’s early years recruitment crisis, which has seen demand for childcare places outstrip supply. 

35 Million Under-Fives in Poorest Countries are Left on Their Own

To put into perspective, the scope and abundance of children, 5 and under, left alone daily... 35M+ is more than all the under 5s in all of Europe!!

Children are Being Tied Up for Childcare

Mothers are hesitant to share their struggle with childcare that leads to doping, tying children to trees or tables in loving attempts to keep them safe.

Prescription Drugs Used for Childcare

A mother shares her story, that is all too common, of smashing up prescription meds and adding them to her child's juice to induce long sleep while she must leave to work.

United States Childcare Crisis News Updates

3,100 Babies Vying for 265 Spots in Infant Child Care

Cost is an additional challenge for parents, as well. Even when openings are available, child care often eats up 20 to 50 percent of county families’ incomes.

Daycare Closure Highlights the Growing Child Care Crisis

"We have more single parent households then we've ever had before in our society's history."  "We have a lot of parents that don't have anywhere to take their children." 

Infant Childcare More Expensive Than College Tuition

There's great financial strain on young parents who are just starting out. The average DC parent pays $22,658 for proper childcare compared to $20,403 for college.

YMCA Childcare Workers Go on Strike

Part of the childcare crisis is workers feeling underpaid and overworked. Momni is a free market system where providers set their own hours and their own rates.

The Need for Greater Childcare Flexibility

"We have an increasingly service-based economy with non-standard hours. The child care sector hasn’t really caught up with the realities of hours parents are working "

The Need for Child Care is Skyrocketing

“The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that day care businesses will have some of the fastest employment growth of all industries through 2020.” 

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