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Momni featured on "Dr. Phil YouTube Channel"

Momni Founder, Karmel Larson, shares the desperate plight of mothers and the solution of Momni caresharing. She was interviewed by Troy Dunn, for the "Dr. Phil Presents Tuesdays with Troy" show. 

Working to End the Global Childcare Crisis

For millions of mothers around the world, finding high-quality childcare is impossible. In the poorest countries, some mothers are forced to medicate their children while they work, lock them at home alone or tie them up for their own safety.

The Momni Foundation helps mothers circle up to solve this care crisis. Through our caresharing app, we pay mothers in developing countries to care for the children of other moms in need.

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Momni Foundation Blog


The Momni Foundation blog links moms  around the world. You will get updates on our progress toward ending the childcare crisis and read stories of great moms from around the world. 

The Newsroom


Shocking and desperate stats and stories of mothers in need. We track the news about the global childcare crisis so that our growing circles of mothers can be a part of the solution! Follow our blog to be informed!

Momni App Blog


Sharing our progress developing the Momni app. With Momni, you can earn income from home, improve the quality of childcare available not only to you, but also your own neighborhood and around the world.

Stop Child Doping

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With just a few hours a month... YOU can make a difference! There are MANY different ways to give. Learn about how you can help desperate mothers improve their situation!

Become A Momni

Earn extra income from home as a Momni host or drop your children off to a another mother, as Momni Guests. Either way, YOU get more TIME and/or MONEY and for each hour of mom-to-mom "caresharing", the Momni Foundation seefunds an hour of care for a mother in need in a developing nation.