Momni Circle FAQs

What is a Momni Circle?

A Momni Circle is a group of women who gather together on a monthly basis to connect and mentor each other.  The goal of these groups is to educate and support women, helping them to be better mothers and leaders in their community. HERE is an introduction to Momni Circles and the purpose they serve.

What is the structure of a Momni Circle?

A Momni Circle is made of up to twelve women who show an interest and willingness to participate.  Members usually join by word of mouth, although some women join from hearing about the Circles on social media.  The presiding member of the circle will reach out to anyone interested to officially welcome them to the circle and pass along information about meetings.

How do I start a Momni Circle?

We are so grateful for our mama friends who show interest in starting a Circle!  If you would like to start your own Momni Circle for your area, please fill out the form HERE, You will then be invited to attend an online training where we can give you all the material you would need and answer any questions you might have.

Can I join an already existing Momni Circle?

Momni groups are open to everyone!  If you don’t feel like starting a group is a good fit for you at this time, we encourage you to enter your information HERE so that if/when a nearby group is formed in your area, or if an existing group has an opening, you will be sure to be invited.

Can I create a Momni Circle from an already existing group I'm in?

If you already have an existing group (book club, church group, circle of friends, etc.) that you would like to register with Momni, you can click on the link HERE.

What happens at the monthly meeting?

Nearly every month your group will choose a day to meet.  At the beginning, a quick spiritual devotional is given.  After that, each woman is given a short time to share what is going well and what isn’t going well for them personally.  Once everyone has shared, the monthly lesson is given, as well as mentor moments, based on the monthly theme.  

Will there be resources provided to me?

Absolutely! Our team has worked hard to create quality material to help guide the meetings.  We have also compiled resources of other mother education programs that are both rewarding and simple to follow. The meetings are designed to be fluid enough to study the materials that your group has shown the most interest in while giving enough structure to encourage development and cohesion. 

Will training be provided to me?

Yes! We provide training to every woman who would like to start a Momni Circle in addition to continuous guidance and support throughout the process. You can view an existing training HERE.

Do I have to be a mother to be in a Momni Circle?

We at Momni believe that all women have great skills and capacities to be mothers in their community.  You don’t have to have children of your own to qualify.