Circle Up


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The net proceeds from the sale of Circle Up will fund the charity, Momni Foundation, which helps to link together mothers for caresharing in developing nations around the world as a solution to the global childcare crisis.

Circle Up – A Tale of Transformation, Beating the Odds and Changing the World

Circle Up is a raw glimpse into the heart, mind, struggle, and triumph of a female tech entrepreneur whose relentless grit, determination, and courage to continue, despite unimaginable obstacles, will leave you pondering your own life purpose and path.


The release of this book was perfect timing and a great read while I sit here caring for my two month old baby. Karmel’s persistence, drive, vulnerability and compassion is inspiring. I am encouraged by the Momni movement and how it may benefit me as a new mom. Get the book and “Circle Up”!

- Lindsey Broad

While she's a mom of 8 and tech company founder, Karmel is also taking on the global childcare crisis. Calling her an incredible human is an understatement.  

I was fortunate enough to be at the launch reading of her book. It was impressive! It's well written, full of emotion, and inspiring. I would recommend it to any entrepreneur! We bought 15 copies for our whole team, because it's people like Karmel who are really going to change the world for the better!

- Greg Johnstun

Karmel is a wonderful speaker and writer, but it's not her way with words that make this content so amazing. It is the stories and power of her words that resonate with everyone from 27-year-old startup founders looking to Momni for an example of success, to stay at home mothers of 9 kids who find value in their parenting and lifestyle. Read this book, listen to her podcast, watch her Livestream, or whatever you prefer. No matter what Karmel's honest and powerful voice shines through to her audience in a way that makes you see the power of women and mothers and how amazingly powerful they are in society, home and the workforce. Hands down great read. Killer book. Buy it, read it, love it, or regret it.

- John Dinkel

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