Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Momni (mom-nee)?

A Momni is one who empowers mothers. All mothers, caregivers and nurturers are welcome to be Momnis. These caretakers may host children in their own homes for extra income or may be parents looking for affordable, flexible childcare from another Momni. Momniing is also the act of providing or using caresharing services from Momni.

How can Momnis in developed countries help end the global childcare crisis?

Great question! There’s a few ways you can help. First, you can sign up as a host. For every hour of care you provide, the Momni Foundation will pay for one hour of care in a developed country. Second, you can donate directly to the Momni Foundation as part of our GoFundMe campaign. The funds will be used to provide education about the global childcare crisis, promote our cause in both developed and developing worlds, pay for care for the neediest families, and enhance our caresharing technology. If you want to get even more involved, you can volunteer to become part of the movement.

How do mothers in developing countries get paid?

The Momni technology we’re building makes it possible. Momnis in developing countries use the same mobile and web apps used by Momnis in developed countries. The difference is that for the neediest moms, the Momni Foundation provides payment rather than the guests’ providing payment. Momnis in developing countries just need an internet connection and a bank account and, according to our research, most do.

Where is Momni available?

Momni is available to any moms and caretakers with access to the Internet, and its global footprint is growing. Momni started in Utah County, with a focus on the Provo area. In its first few months, hosts from surrounding counties and states also joined the caresharing movement.

What is caresharing?

Lyft and Uber introduced ridesharing to the world. Airbnb introduced roomsharing. Momni has now introduced caresharing, another global, sharing-economy technology. A mother provides care in her home, for a fee, for the children of another mother, especially by means of a website or app. Mothers place a request to careshare by selecting a family, set a pick-up and drop-off time, and schedule via the web app.

Who can be a host?

A Momni host is a nurturer, regardless of age or gender. Each Momni host is thoroughly vetted by way of reviews from other Momnis and an optional background check. Momni hosts care for children and their physical and emotional welfare; they care about their fellow nurturers and their well-being.

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Who are guests?

Momni guests are children. The parent or guardian of a Momni guest needs childcare for any reason, and feels his or her child would be best cared for by a fellow nurturer.

What is a paid playdate?

A paid playdate occurs when one Momni books another Momni, especially if the host Momni has children of her own. Paid playdates are a way for moms to make money while working from home, on their own schedules. They are different from babysitting or hiring a nanny because they rely on experienced moms and enjoyable experiences for host children.

Are Momni hosts employees of Momni?

Momni hosts are independent contractors. All payment takes place through the app at the time a Momni is booked. 

What are Momni circles?

Momni circles are groups of moms who already know and trust one another. They may be neighborhood groups, book clubs, church groups or any group where moms work together to raise their children. Moms already link together, naturally, and Momni circles are the latest way for them to do so quickly, conveniently and while leveraging the power of the free market.

How can parents find hosts they can trust?

The best way for parents to find trusted hosts is to use Momni groups. If a Momni from the primary group isn’t available, moms can see reviews from members of their group about other Momnis in the area. In addition, Momni guests can browse profiles, which include photos of the Momni and her home, descriptions of her experience and of her children, and a list of all other adults in the home. As an added security feature, Momni guests can look for background check certification.

Is there any cost to join?

Profile setup is free and easy for both hosts and guests. Momnis can get started booking and hosting right away, and profiles are easy to edit within the web app. Extra security features such as a gesture selfie and identification upload keep everyone safe, and Momnis can choose to pay for a background check for additional proof of their trustworthiness.

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