Circle Up!

The Momni Foundation helps moms “circle up” to provide aid, support and long term solutions, rippling forth for women and children suffering from the impact of the global childcare crisis! 

Link Together in Momni Circles

Above is a video example of mama elephants circling up to protect each other and their young children.

Elephants are fierce, powerful and can weigh up to four tons. But did you know they are some of the most nurturing and care-oriented mothers on earth? When a new mother gives birth, the strongest members of the herd form a circle around her, face outward and kick and stomp to protect her and her baby. They do the same for elephants that are weak, injured or very young, and are often seen helping raise one another’s calves.

Elephants are ferocious to predators but extraordinarily supportive of one another, and the Momni logo is a tribute to their example. Momni circles around the world provide connection, protection, encouragement and support to moms everywhere. 

The mothers of Momni have embraced this symbol of support to represent their vision of helping to elevate the standard for raising children. Currently there is a global childcare crisis recognized in almost every nation of the world. Shockingly, over 35 million children ages 5 and under are left at home alone every day, many often doped with opium or piritol. In addition to this current plight, the UN predicts that over the next decade, 1 billion women will enter the workforce, causing the current crisis to become a global epidemic of lack of care. 

We are mothers! 

We are Momnis! 

We envision a world where all mothers are linked together for  mother-to-mother caresharing.


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