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 A Momni Circle is a group of women who gather together on a monthly basis to connect and mentor each other. This helps them to be better mothers and leaders in their community.



Only have 10 minutes a month to give? We still need your help! Fill out this form and we'll let you know in what ways you can support mothers around the world!

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As a state rep you'll have the opportunity to gather mothers in your community and contribute to the global Momni movement!



Donate today to help stop child doping

Everyday, women around the world face a horrible decision: Stay home with their children, or leave them alone so they can afford to feed them?

Women are forced to leave their children while going to work. Many children are given opium or prescription medications so they sleep through the day, and others are tied to trees or locked in huts for their own safety.

Momni was created to help end the global childcare crisis and end child doping, and we invite you to join the movement.


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